Does subliminal advertising work? Can a quick shot of an ice-cold beverage embedded in a movie really make us run out to the concession stand and buy a Coke? Can advertisers really influence our behavior like that, or is it just a bad cliché of the ad biz, right up there with Darren Stevens or the Man in the Grey Flannel Suit?

The truth is that we are susceptible to all kinds of messages, consciously and unconsciously. Myriad environmental influences affect our behavior on a daily basis, from words to pictures to, yes, subliminal messages. Marketing psychology expert Jake McKenzie is here to explain how we are impacted, and why it actually can be quite positive.

Welcome to the Ad Couch with Jake McKenzie, CEO of the Intermark Group ad agency.

About the Show:
Take a journey through the world of creative psychology and group imagination. Each Ad Couch episode puts a different concept, brand or expert “on the couch” to analyze how:

  • Different brands and agencies are effectively leveraging creative psychology to move consumer behavior
  • Principles of psychology can be used by marketers and advertisers to build movements and produce change
  • Influencers are changing the course of advertising through applied psychology
  • Pop culture impacts markets and the power of ideas

About the Host:

The Ad Couch is led by Jake McKenzie, whose targeted expertise is helping brands incorporate creative psychology into their marketing and advertising strategies in order to influence consumer behavior.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Science, McKenzie is now the CEO of Intermark Group, one of the Southeast’s leading advertising agencies. Under his leadership, the agency has built a strategy team known as the “Insight Team” that includes a Ph.D. in psychology to facilitate applied psychology advertising methods and enhance brands’ success.

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